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Do you need help?

Do you wake up feeling that you need to take something to be yourself? What does your life’s meaning revolve around? Is there any substance in your life you can’t function without? If the answer is “Yes”, my friend, you need help. Come, let’s break the chains together!

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All those interested in any of the Philemon services (Day Center- Hospitality Center- Reintegration to Society Program) must go through an assessment Interview at the Counseling Center located in downtown Athens.

Counseling Center

It is the first step of support and encouragement for all the men, women and their families who want to escape the hell of…

Day Center for Addicted Individuals

The Day Center is co-located with the Counseling Center. It has two rooms for 1 on 1 and group…

Detoxification Center

This is our inpatient facility where, through the implementation of a “dry” program, the addicted individual is accepted…

Reintegration to Society Program

On this stage, the main goal is the implementation of new guidelines for the personal and social life…

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