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Who is «PHILEMON»:

Jesus Christ extended his embrace to all people. Without favoritism or prejudice. His embrace was a place of safety, a place where the individual could feel valued, and could find acceptance and love. It was also a workshop of change. The love of Christ was the catalyst for deep and meaningful change. The Savior’s words of affection became the beginning of a new journey.

Following His example, we want PHILEMON to also be an embrace of Love and a workshop of Change for all those who cross its doorstep.

The name “PHILEMON” is inspired by the letter of Paul to Philemon. In the letter, we learn about the story of Onisimus, a man who took advantage of Philemon’s trust in the past but was later touched by the grace of God which transformed his life. Paul counsels Philemon to forgive Onisimus and take him back to his company, because “he who was once useless, is now useful” (Philemon 11). This is the want of our PHILEMON as well.

To accept people whose addiction to substances stole their dignity and hope, and bring them to Him who can bring joy and meaning back in their life.

So He may give them life fulfilling, life eternal!

Our history:


In 1986 the 1st Greek Evangelical Church of Athens founded “PHILEMON”, the first Christian Rehabilitation Center in Greece.


At that time, PHILEMON was one of the first rehabilitation Centers in Greece.


PHILEMON was founded by Lambros Tsoutsas, a young ex-addict who believed in the transformative power of God, and He changed his life. God placed in Lambros’ heart a vision for the creation of a rehabilitation center in order to minister to young people who live in seclusion as outcasts, due to their substance abuse. Having gone through this intense experience, and having beaten addiction with the strenght of God, Lambros was most suitable to help other entrapped youth come to know the One Living God, and be free from the chains of substance abuse.


Since then, and thanks to ministry of PHILEMON, around 90 people today live fully rehabilitated.


Alongside the treatment of the addicted youth, PHILEMON also supports their parents and other loved ones.

Our mission:


Our mission is to prevent all kinds of addictions.


To help and support those who want to be rehabilitated.


To offer help and support for the families of addicted individuals.

Our purpose:

The main purpose of PHILEMON is the provision of moral, material, and spiritual support to socially secluded or isolated individuals. This support is given for free and the needs of each individual are met exclusively.

After 34 years of operation, we continue with the same purpose since our origin. We preach the message of truth, hope and life to a humanity that is sinking- not only in addictive and criminal behaviors- but also to so many conditions of compromise and ideas/situations that drive them to place their faith away from God and the purpose He has for their life.

Our vision:

Our vision is not merely the rehabilitation of the individual from all kinds of addictive behaviors, but also the invitation/challenge to a complete change of life. A life that is accompanied by personal growth, social integration and spiritual awakening.

Our values:



The values of the Gospel are a source of inspiration, guidance and change.



We treat each other with dignity and respect, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual as a perfect creation of God.



We continue to support each other despite the challenges, as we remain steady in our principles.



A loving embrace which provides free material and spiritual care for all.



We strive for progress and excellence through constant training, commitment and hard work.



We promote an environment of communication, community and cooperation.


We operate with authenticity, honesty and integrity.


We believe in God who empowers people to be free and experience change.

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