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Detoxification Center:

This is our inpatient facility where, through the implementation of a “dry” program, the addicted individual is accepted and nourished through the withdrawal phase with the help of volunteer Christian doctors and psychologists.

Preceding the admission to the Detoxification Center, each member must go through a series of preparation meetings at the Counseling Center.

The Detoxification Center accepts men over 18 years old FOR FREE.

The stay at the Detoxification Center includes:

  • Psychological and psychiatric support
  • Christian approach of the 12 step program
  • Work therapy
  • Development of social skills

Daily activities:

  • Daily chores (individual hygiene, cooking, gardening, care of farm animals, maintenance of the facility and cleaning
  • Daily Bible study and application to everyday life situations
  • Prayer
  • Weekly meetings for worship, Bible study and fellowship with the participation of older members, relatives, and other Christian youth
  • Mandatory church attendance and participation in youth groups and other Community Centers

Recreational Activities:

  • Participation in sports and the Theves Sport Center
  • Day of music
  • Day of artistic expression

The Hospitality Center was purchased on the summer of 1994. It has 18 acres and is located at the countryside of Theves, with easy access to the National road.

It has drilling, an electrical facility, a tractor, wearhouses for tools and machinery as well as the three story main housing unit (307 square meters) with the ability to house 20 people, with a dining area for 25 people and a meeting room for 50 people.


Counseling Center:

It is the first step of support and encouragement for all the men, women and their families who want to escape the hell of addiction.

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