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Day Center for Addicted Individuals:

The Day Center is co-located with the Counseling Center.

It has two rooms for 1 on 1 and group meetings, a lounge that is used for fellowship, movies and video games, a kitchen and a computer lab which can be used for work and housing searching, computer lessons, or other recreational activities.

The Day Center is meant to serve as a shelter of love for the addicted people that cross its doorstep.

It is also the place where one can find the support needed to live a life ridden of addictions, as well as spend some hours creatively and productively.

Day Center Services:

  • Individual and group counseling for men and women struggling with addiction
  • Psychological and Psychiatric support
  • Counseling and support of families and loved ones


  • Assistance with job/ housing search (as long as the individual is able to work)
  • Coffee, snacks and fellowship
  • Provision of material goods to lower income groups
  • Computer lab
  • Lounge for movies and video games



Counseling Center:

It is the first step of support and encouragement for all the men, women and their families who want to escape the hell of addiction.

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